My Story

My passion is travel, hence made a living life on the same. I take a drive walk or fly for any reason in means of explore.

I have extensively travel around the world in exploring the nothing but the world itself.

Buddhist elements fascinates me from the childhood. I made way to, India China Thailand Nepal Cambodia Myanmar Pakistan and few more countries in Asia to understand Buddhist tours. I saw Sri lanka Buddhist tours has an abundance to showcase to any Buddhist pilgrimage travellers like other countries.

Henced I pioneered SrilankaBuddhisttours.com to Commerciallise and promoted and marketed srilankabudhisttours to facilitate the Buddhist and non-Buddhist to travellers to tour to my country Srilanka.

In brief.....

The history of Sri Lanka is inseparably intertwined with the history of Buddhism in the island. Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is the oldest continually Buddhist country in the world, Buddhism being the major religion in the island since its introduction in the 3rd century BC. Monks from Sri Lanka have an important role in spreading both Theravada and Mahayana throughout South-east Asia. It was Sri Lankan nuns who introduced the Sangha (Order) of nuns into China in 433AD.

Establishing the website dedicate to Buddhist tours gave me the pride since it was first and one and only dedicated website for srilankabudhisttours.Now I take srilankabudhisttours.with team of Buddhist and experts in History to the very best to showcase mu country proud historical Buddhist element to all guest around the world. We make it more confortable accessible and totally immersion to the same.